Perfect Timing Animal Photography



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15 thoughts on “Perfect Timing Animal Photography”

  1. I know that the eighth picture is a recent award-winning photograph. I think it was over at National Geographic. Knowing that, I think it would be appropriate to give credit to the owners of these pictures rather than let your readers think they are yours. If nothing else, at least put a first line in your post saying that the pictures are not yours.

    1. None of the pictures on this blog are mine. I’ve made it clear in the ‘about’ section.
      I’m not a photographer, professional or amateur, and I’ll never be cause i hate taking photos. My posts contain photos that i see online and happens to catch my attention. Nothing more nothing less.

  2. Once again; My inner biologist is screaming of happiness while the artist is silent and stunned. Beauty and life is indeed all around. Thank you for showing us!

  3. Interesting images but the top image shows and english robin about to be devoured by a snake that is certainly not native to the UK or the rest of europe. Perhaps this particular robin was on holiday 😕

  4. Many good photos here, but the one of the 3 wolf looking animals is a serie shot of the same animal which is later manipulated into one image.
    As always when manipulating photos: the devil is in the details. In this particular manipulation it is the placement of stones, plus the fact that animals (even if they look similar) don’t have exact matching furs. But still it’s a good photo(s).

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