London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond

Oxford Circus in a puddle

Beautiful shots featuring famous London landmarks in the reflection of puddles by photographer Gavin Hammond.

Big Ben in a puddle

A Covent Garden pub in a puddle

Carnaby Street in a puddle

Churchill in a puddle

Gray’s Inn in a puddle

Hyde Park in a puddle

Leicester Square in a puddle

Marble Arch in a puddle

Soho pub in a puddle

Southbank in a puddle

St Paul’s in a puddle

The London Eye in a puddle

The Tate Britain in a puddle

The Tube in a puddle

Wellington Arch in a puddle

Westminster Abbey in a puddle

16 thoughts on “London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond

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  2. Visiting via referral from notes to the milkman. These are particularly captivating with their reference to the paving stones and the odd upside down non-reflected person who causes a disoriented scary moment or two. The compositions are really interesting.

  3. Every photographer sooner or later has been playing with reflections in puddles. Your series is way more than that. A great and brilliantly executed project. It could easily make a series of fine art prints or an exhibitions.

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