London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond

Oxford Circus in a puddle

Beautiful shots featuring famous London landmarks in the reflection of puddles by photographer Gavin Hammond.

Big Ben in a puddle

A Covent Garden pub in a puddle

Carnaby Street in a puddle

Churchill in a puddle

Gray’s Inn in a puddle

Hyde Park in a puddle

Leicester Square in a puddle

Marble Arch in a puddle

Soho pub in a puddle

Southbank in a puddle

St Paul’s in a puddle

The London Eye in a puddle

The Tate Britain in a puddle

The Tube in a puddle

Wellington Arch in a puddle

Westminster Abbey in a puddle


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16 thoughts on “London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond”

  1. Visiting via referral from notes to the milkman. These are particularly captivating with their reference to the paving stones and the odd upside down non-reflected person who causes a disoriented scary moment or two. The compositions are really interesting.

  2. Every photographer sooner or later has been playing with reflections in puddles. Your series is way more than that. A great and brilliantly executed project. It could easily make a series of fine art prints or an exhibitions.

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