Hanging Temples in China

MianShan is a fantastic mountain in China noted for its natural scenery, and especially for its cultural and religious relics. Buddhist and Taoist temples are literally built on the cliff face with hundreds of hidden caves, dating back 2500 years. Mian Shan is about 200 km south of TaiYuan, the provincial capital of ShanXi. The most famous of all the Taoist temple is the DaLuo Gong.

Visitors can explore the deep, narrow, winding Qixian Valley with its hanging bridges and splashing falls. If one is lucky enough, they can watch the sun rise at Dragon Head Temple and get close to the sea of clouds among the mist-wreathed peaks of Dragon Ridge.



12 thoughts on “Hanging Temples in China

  1. Amazing! I would really love to visit here. The stairs along the side look exciting to walk across!

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