Mirror House by MLRP

Danish-American based architects MLRP have transformed an existing dull playground structure covered with graffiti to an inviting and reflective pavilion. Funhouse mirrors are mounted on the gabled ends of this playground pavilion in Copenhagen, as well as behind the doors.

Instead of a typical closed gable facade, the mirrored gables creates a sympathetic transition between built and landscape and reflects the surrounding park, playground and activity. Windows and doors are integrated in the wood-clad facade behind facade shutters with varied bent mirror panel effects. At night the shutters are closed making the building anonymous. During the day the building opens up, attracting the children who enjoy seeing themselves transformed in all directions.

The roof and facade is clad with heat-modified sustainable wood and the gables and shutters are clad with mirror polished stainless steel. The Mirror House is a flexible space and restrooms, used by kindergarden classes.

Photographs: Laura Stamer


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6 thoughts on “Mirror House by MLRP”

  1. I just left this comment on someone elses blog with regard to the first photo:

    “That’s an amazing idea. I love structures that challenge our senses and expectations. Just when one thinks one can no longer be surprised, something like this crops up! The reflected image has something of Edvard Munch’s The Scream about it. The white smudge on the road looks like a horse’s head and neck.”

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