Futuristic Phone Designs

iPhone 6, with 3D Curved AMOLED Plus Display

Created by Chris Youn, the iPhone 6 design is based on 3D sound and 3D hologram interaction and it comes with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

Kyocera’s Flexible, Folding Phone Concept

Kyocera’s EOS folding concept phone incorporates a flexible OLED screen, changing its form from a clamshell into something resembling a wallet or clutch-purse.

The Kambala Ear-Phone

Designed by Ilshat Garipov, the Kambala is a mobile phone that transforms to an earphone as well. Pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out; clip this to your ear and you got a phone-earphone! It even does a chameleon act by blending in with your skin tone when you clip it to your ear.

BlackBerry Empathy– Emotional Communication

Based on the idea of a mood ring, this futuristic cellphone integrates a keypad that changes color according to the emotional state, sensed from messages and phone calls, as the biometric ring transmits the body signals of wearer and sends data to the main device for interpretation. The goal is to create empathy for one another and strengthen relationships. Designers: Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon.

Sticky Phone

The concept behind the Sticker Phone is quite simple; most of us tend to place our mobile phone near windows for better signal reception. So this concept takes it a step further by adding a solar panel to the back of the phone and giving it a slight arch so that it can stick (via suction) to the window glass for some sunshine. Designer: Liu Hsiang-Ling

Floating Phone

This concept mobile phone can create shapes on its surface that will help blind users to interact with the interface and it can even morph into some gaming controls. The Floating Phone exploits the idea of a 3D cellphone in the real sense of the word.

LG Flutter

When closed, the Flutter looks quite sleek with only its numeric keypad showing. The phone can be split open to reveal a display that fans out, sporting a user interface that looks like an exact clone of Apple’s iPhone.

Connext Concept

Connext is an all-in-one, flexible smart device designed by James Zhang that can morph its form to fit the application that it assumes. Combining OLED touch-screen technology with E-paper flexibility, this device can switch to become a mobile phone, computer, multimedia player, watch, physical avatar etc.

Relexer Cellphone

Designer Lu Yin has designed a mobile phone called “Relexer”. As its name suggest it also function as a medical gadget to review the health of the users. Integrating a thermometer that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the cell phone measures the temperature and other drastic discrepancies in the body.

LG Helix Bracelet Phone

Designer Rob Luna has come up with a futuristic cellphone called “Helix” that the users can wear like a slap bracelet. Featuring easy functions with flexible circuits and touchscreen, the helix also integrates a LED in the front to show updates. Users can change the functions by shifting the LED strips.

Mooon Concept Phone

Mooon+ designed by Sunman Kwon, has at least one unique feature that could easily become a new standard. The mouth piece of the Mooon+ is detachable. This detachable piece can then be turned into a bluetooth headset. When you do not need a headset, you can attach it again and use it as a mouth piece.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Design

Nokia Kinetic is a magical mobile phone that makes receiving a call,text or email more playful by converting digital information into kinetic movement. An electromagnet in the base of the phone allows weight to be shifted which causes the phone to stand up when receiving a call. Designer: Jeremy Innes-Hopkins.

Philips Fluid Flexible Concept

This stylish gadget conceived by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, is a smartphone concept that as suggested by its name features a flexible OLED display to allow better mobility and ease of use. Designed for Philips, the mobile phone wraps around the wrist to become a bracelet for the fashionable, while gives an easy access on the go.

NEC’s “Tag” Phone Concept

An intriguing concept from NEC Design, this Tag Soft-Shell Mobile Phone shows how cumbersome carrying a phone in your pocket can be. Made of rubbery “shape-memorizing” material, the tag will bend and twist at your command.

Glass Phone Concept

The Glassy Phone by Tokyo designer Mac Funamizu, is far from actually being produced, but the concept is really quite beautiful. The entire display is completely transparent until the phone is turned on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem all that feasible  for people who drop their phones.  It would shatter within days  or at least be filled with cracks and chips.



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