Photographic Pathology by Esteban R. Leyton


…Making the image shout at us without moving it, feeling it although it is physically still, shaking our very foundations without colors…this is something only a few people can achieve through a single shot.
Playing with lights and shades, Esteban R. Leyton bites our rest, disturbs us, weakens us, reminds us, vomits reality in our eyes, spits life at us to make us swallow hard, makes us occupy the place of another ego that worries us sometimes, opens a different window for us, injects anger into us, makes ourselves smaller, talks to us while weaving a conceptual landscape that never “is” but is always occurring…



This “photographic pathology” that contains a “patho-graphic photo-logy” (a way to understand photography as the art of playing with light to “write” something that could wake up a feeling capable of affecting our minds) is the result of hard meticulous work, only possible after digging into intense pains and only feasible with a restless look which in its photographic work can manage to touch and stagger us.


In front of his photographs is a spectator who evades every attempt to remain indifferent, behind the camera is the infinite wish to put into images unrepeatable visual shocks that burst into his head and circulate through the dreams of the one who shoots.



He who presses the button, master of lights and shadows, is a person currently wandering around Galician’s paved streets, who years before showed around his astonishment in Paris, and even at the other side of the world, will keep his Chilean childhood forever. A self-taught, permanently inquiring photographer who gives us a masterly project centered on bitter symptoms of serious illness today and will keep on shooting his camera with the same touch offering us another image that shouts at us again tomorrow.





I invite you to find out about this photographer’s career and his projects, do it “sooner rather than later” through his website:
(text:  Rocio Alen)


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