Minimalist Photography – The Art of Less

a long story by Piet Flour

icicle by SophieMuc

15 Minute Cart © 2010 Johnny Martyr

Highway to heaven ©Cesar March

Dreamland? ©Ilja Hackman

She bleeds by Matthieu Boichard

The trail by Sprengstoff72

In The Middle Of My Chest by Martin Gommel

A Winter’s Landmark by Todd Klassy

ricciolo di cetriolo by luporosso


egrets ©Shlomi Nissim

nolineonthehorizon by domonFire

little trees by andrea lorenzetti

Kung Fu Master ©Lina Gunawan

minimalism by ~goldenwand

Calm ©Mohammad Shirani

Lonely camel guide ©Sasa Huzjak

risky ©Fredy Irawan

Yalta by Oleg Kasko

A place to think ©Denis Chaussende

GO, GO, GO!  ©Marcel Rebro




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