Omid Golzar Macro Photography

Omid Golzar is an Iranian photographer. Most of his work is macro and micro photography. He also loves photoshop, but Macro photography is his great passion.

“The camera takes me on a journey into a secretive and unknown world of insects and spiders. It allows me to see miracles, which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Finding your own life’s passion is extremely important. It is great happiness to be able to do what we like. I wish you all the luck in finding and doing what you enjoy.”
– Omid Golzar



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8 thoughts on “Omid Golzar Macro Photography”

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  2. Absolutely stunning photography, a sheer genious at work. The detail you have captured gives me hope. I am inspired to one day be able to capture an insect like this. I have recently purchased a Nilon macro lens and will be hunting for bugs.

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