The Passing Cloud Project

Passing Cloud by Tiago Barros is a recently submitted project for the international ideas competition: Life at the Speed of Rail, promoted by Van Alen Institute and the Department of Cultural affairs of New York City. Although it wasn’t one of the winning proposals, Passing Cloud reveals a strong conceptual approach that is worth noting: It is a new vision on travelling, based on the old Zeppelins.

Inside the nylon-covered balloon, a steel skeleton like that of a zeppelin airship would support the object’s structure.

Passengers would board the cloud using ladders and would simply sit on the surface during travel.

Predominant winds would determine the routes and speed of the hovering cloud, offering the passengers a full “floating sensation.”

Barros imagines something totally different, something akin to the old saying it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  “I created it to provoke a dialogue and provoke a new idea,” Barros told the International Business Times. “Travelling is always the same. It’s always about the idea of arriving somewhere.”



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