Light Touch interactive projector

Light Blue Opitcs has won the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards 2010 prize for Product Design with its Light Touch – an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a touch screen. Light Touch™ not only frees multimedia content from the confines of the small screen, but also lets users interact with that content in the same way as they expect to on their other hand-held devices – using touch technology.

The system creates bright, high-quality WVGA resolution video images that are kept in focus with software that corrects for distortion and optical aberrations, enabling table-top projection. Light Touch utilizes an infra-red touch sensing system that transforms the projected image into a virtual 10-inch touch screen. Use of a Class 1 safety laser makes the HPL system eye safe.

WiFi and Bluetooth connections enable wireless device-to-device communication. Light Touch has 2GB of onboard Flash memory and a Micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB. The device can be battery operated with a run-time of 2 hours or wall powered for continuous use.

The HPL technology was awarded the Product Design Innovation Award for 2010 at the IET Innovation Awards (UK), as the judging panel felt that the product both fulfilled all of the major and most of the minor selection criteria for the award, and also believed it would lead to a wide range of potential applications and products. Light Touch was also named a CES Innovations Honoree in two categories – Media Players and Personal Electronics – earlier this year.


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