Unique and Bizarre Accommodations

Kelburn Castle

A castle covered in a gigantic graffiti mural in Scotland whose original structure likely dates from before the 13th century. It is thought to be one of the oldest castles in Scotland to have been continuously occupied by the same family. In June 2007, after learning that the entire concrete facing would need to be replaced, the open-minded family invited Brazilian graffiti artists to paint the large section of the castle that will eventually be replaced. Painted by artists Nina, Nunca, and the duo Os Gemeos.

Hotel de Glace

Ice Hotel in Canada, is erected each January and has a four-month lifespan each year before being brought down in April. It takes about a month and a half to build with 60 workers. The hotel makes its own snow using a special mixture to adjust the humidity.

Fox Hotel

Hotel Fox is world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel. Each room is a small masterpiece of contemporary design, a unique creation by one of 21 preeminent world artists. These artists come from backgrounds as diverse as electronic music to typography. The styles rage from urban street art and hip hop infused graffiti traditions, retro, minimalist line art, to manga inspired creations.

Amazon Rainforest Hotel

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is located 35 miles from Manuas, Brazil at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek. Built entirely at the level of the Rainforest Canopy, Ariau’s towers are linked together by 4 miles of sturdy wooden catwalks. This architectural wonder affords visitors a unique communion with the regions abundant flora and fauna while leaving the fragile eco-system completely undisturbed.

The Magic Mountain Hotel

Located within the Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve, Chile, this exclusive lodge is shaped like a volcano that spews water from its top and has a cable bridge leading to its front door. The Magic Mountain Hotel is built from local wood and stone and each of the nine rooms are equipped with modern amenities, large windows to look out at the forest, and each room is named after a different local species of bird.

Kvivik Igloo

Having a grassy roof, the Kvivik Igloo (Kvivik, Faroe Islands) is very different from the igloos created by the Eskimos. The black walls seem to be a heating solution.

Image credits: Paul & Kelly

The Swallows Nest

The Swallows Nest located on the edge of the Crimean, is constructed on the top of the Aurora cliff overlooking the sea, outside of the town of Gaspra, Ukraine. The original structure on the property was a small wooden cottage that was constructed at the behest of a Russian General around 1895. Later, in 1911, the cottage changed hands, this time being purchased by Baron von Stiengel who demolished the original cottage and replaced it with the Neo-Gothic manor that still stands to this day.

Dog Bark Park

Sweet Willy, at 30 feet tall, is not just the biggest beagle in the world – he’s also a bed and breakfast. Inside of Sweet Willy, chainsaw artists Dennis J. Sullivan and his wife, Frances Conklin, have built a single room, complete with bathroom and loft, for visitors passing through the area.

UFO house

UFO house, Chattanooga, Tennessee, has a single entry point via a button activated stair case, curved bar area and customized bathtub, as well as various UFO paneled controls throughout.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a mining town in South Australia and its comes from the Aboriginal term for “boy’s waterhole”. As a result of the intense heat, a number of miners living in town have chosen to live underground, either in the beginnings of old mines or in purpose-dug underground houses. This has continued with much of the modern town being built underground. Among the local public buildings found underground are three churches, a bookstore, an art gallery, a bar, and hotels.

Boeing 727 fuselage suite in Costa Rica


This amazing construction was built by Vitra as a design showroom and it houses exhibition areas, a shop, a cafe which is plus connected to the exterior and conference rooms.


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