Experience what is on screen with Sense

Sense is a futuristic wireless interactive product with a touch-sensitive screen that allows the user to have a sensory experience of websites, movies, and games via smell, taste, and touch. The user inserts their hand into the SENSE sheath and feels different impressions such as temperature, roughness, softness, hardness, or pressure.

It contains micro-printer with scent- and flavour-based ink. It offers thirteen different wax cartridges that print and melt simulated flavours in order to create an interactive experience of what is on screen. Five cartridges contain the fundamental flavours – sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, and salty. The flavour cartridges are combined with seven wax cartridges that contain the basic smells that exist in nature- classified as floral, mint, ethereal, camphor, musk, spicy, or putrid, These allow the creation of any possible combination.

In addition, the device can read Braille text for the visually impaired. New Sense apps can be downloaded from internet to enhance the sensory experience of the users.


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