Animal Furniture Design by Michel Haillard

Aby & Gael II

Michel Haillard‘s pieces are creations of barogue design, both exotic and paradoxical. Haillard combines the naturalness of his raw materials, horns or teeth of various origins, leopard, crocodile, and zebra skins having already delighted several generations of hunters, with an unfettered imagination and an obvious nostalgia for pomp and irony.

ALMERIA – wood, alligator and goat skins, zebu horns

ALBATHOR – Brazil cow,bongo,waterbuffalo and hippo teeth

ALAZAR- printed marmot skin, swamp buffalo and antelope horns.

ARKANIA 1 AND 2 – wood, bronzes, buffalo and impala horns, astrakhan

AVATAR – zebra, swamp buffalo, horse hair

BALIBA – wood, exotic cow skin, buffalo horns, bronzes

BARBUSSE – ram and Mongolian sheep



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