Unique And Bizarre Pieces Of Furniture

Ghost Chairs, from Drift. Designers: Ralph Nauta & Lonneke Gordijin.
They’re made from plexiglass and the inner ‘ghost’ shape is made up out of millions little air bubbles. You can see the image of the ‘ghost’ when light reflects on them.

Sofas That Climb Walls , by Lila Jang

Coffin Couches made of genuine recycled coffins, from CoffinCouches.com

Snake Bar chair, designed by Svilen Gamolov

H.R. Giger’s Harkonnen Chairs

‘Prickly pair chairs’, by valentina glez wohlers

The Cutlery Chair, by Osian Batyka-Williams.

Solar system chair

The Meat Chair , designed by Simon Racheli

Ruby Rocking Chair, from Pouyan Mokhtarani.

Rodolfo Rocchetti’s creative pieces of furniture is a pure proof that imagination doesn’t have limits.

Banquete chair with alligators, by Fernando and Humberto Campana

The Sheep Chair

5 comments on “Unique And Bizarre Pieces Of Furniture

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  2. […] grazie all’utilizzo di nuovi materiali e nuove tecniche costruttive, ha visto nascere la moda del design bizzarro, producendo mobili dalle funzioni più disparate o volutamente inutili e sensazionali, talvolta a […]

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  4. vascez says:

    Seem pretty normal to me:D

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