Weirdly Innovative And Crazy Tattoos

Tongue tattoos
This is a new trend in tattoos that just now starting to take shape. There are tattoos that cover the entire tongue, or just a single area.

Breast Implant Tattoo
Canadian body-art enthusiast Lane Jensen had the implants done to enhance the huge-chested cowgirl-stripper tattoo that he had already boasted on his calf.

The Human Ruler tattoo
Flickr user, mikeysklar, had a ruler tattooed on his forearm.“My right forearm has a 8” ruler on it that I use for everything from measuring PVC diameter to wire lengths,” he said.

Animal Tattoos
Wim Delvoye is a Belgian artist who tattoos pigs, and even launched a whole farm dedicated to the cause.

Eye Color Tattoo
If you’re into messing with your eyes, you might like this.

Connect the Dots Tattoo
This tattoo doesn’t look like much more than dots and numbers, but if all the points are connected it creates an image of a giraffe.

Braille Tattoos
Klara Jirkova, a student at the University of Arts in Berlin, came up with an innovation to modify the body to allow the blind feel those artistic statements through their sense of touch.

Glow in the Dark Tattoos
This technique uses black light reactive ink, which is reactive to UV light. As a result, these tattoos only glow in black light.

Sun Tattoos
Designer Yu-Chiao Wang has developed a concept called the sun tattoo. She describes: “Sun Tattoo is a soft stencil which can be used for making the tattoo pattern on the skin by sunshine. It’s better to use it with sunless tanning cream.”


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17 thoughts on “Weirdly Innovative And Crazy Tattoos”

  1. Hey thank you for sharing that! You have excellent taste, the photos you presented are interesting and beautiful, and do a credit to the art form. It never even occurred to me before that I could use my clothing as a sun stentcil – learn something new everyday! Thanks again!

    I mean, won’t the eyes burst after the piercing?
    and what about they tongue? They probably can’t eat or drink for a month.
    Are those real or computer graphics interference?

    1. Tongue: Maybe
      Eye: Yes, though it’s not a tattoo. It’s just ink filling the upper layer of the skin.
      Tanning: Yes. Cheaper way is just use acrilic paint then get a spray tan. Go home then wash it off.

  3. These are great – I totally love the ruler (way to make your tattoo useful). The sun tattoo is also pretty fantastic. You could have a new tattoo every few weeks if you wanted to.

  4. You wouldn?¡¥t believe it but I?¡¥ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You?¡¥re a lifesaver, it was an excellent read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers

    1. @angelo

      And exactly who are you to decide that? Last time I checked, the owner of the pig decided what to do with it, whether it’s to eat it at xmas or tattoo it.

      Besides, they are pretty nifty as identification. Without them I really can’t tell a pig from another.

      Bob Smit

    2. Pigs have some of the toughest skin of any animals, and don’t feel the tattoo as strongly. And any animal that’s getting tattooed is under anesthesia while it’s happening – something I wish I could experience…I would have way more tattoos.

      These pigs are also kept as pets instead of going to slaughter, and when they die – of natural causes – the skin is kept as art. I think that’s way more human than being raised for slaughter.

      1. Actually, I heard Wim Delvoye speak a few years ago. He said that the pigs were placed under anesthesia for the tattoo procedures. They could only be put under for short periods of time (30 minutes), so the tattoos took months to complete. After the exhibition the pigs were given a home on a farm, but unfortunately caught a disease and did not survive. The skins are exhibited.

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