Surreal Collages By SLip

At the crossroads of worlds

SLip is a french artist working primarily on collage. Through his collages, he transports us into an imaginary world in which animals go to work, tyrants discover a difficult adolescence, femmes fatales have problems with makeup. This shifted vision of the universe in which we live put his focus on parts left behind by history and daily revisited becomes the breeding ground for his imagination.
Currently, SLip’s wallet for Paperwallet featuring Leon Grellutch, the first Bengian astronaut,  is displayed at the Guggenheim Museum store in New York.


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Backstugas – earthen cabins in Sweden

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A backstuga (literally “hill cottage”) is a cottage built into the southern slope of a hill, alternatively with a low floor and its walls stretched halfway down into the ground. This phenomenon is known from the early 1600s and was disliked by the government seeing it as a way to evade taxes. Such cottages were typically raised on land useless for farming. Backstugas may have been inhabited by craftsmen, or by those of the peasantry not active in the productive life of the community, such as old people who could no longer work, retired servants and the community destitute who had no relatives to care for them. Nowadays earthen cabins built partially buried in the ground like Little Jon’s (photos) can be rent on Airbnb.


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Surreal Explorations – Animal Photo Manipulations by Sarah DeRemer


Sarah DeRemer an American fine artist specializing in photography and photo-manipulation . In her series “Surreal Explorations”, DeRemer manipulates ordinary photos to create odd and sometimes creepy, dream-like scenes by mixing two objects into unexpected mashups, or manipulating ordinary objects into different visual elements.
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Living chandelier with algae-filled leaves purifies the air

London-based designer and engineer, Julian Melchiorri, created the world’s first bionic chandelier that not only lights up the room, but also actively purifies the air. The ‘Exhale’ Chandelier features glass leaves filled with green algae that absorb CO2 and release oxygen.
Currently on display at the V&A Museum for London Design Week.
More info: Website | Instagram
(h/t: Inhabitat)

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Salt Wonderlands

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq mi). It is located in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes.

By Luca Galuzzi (Lucag), edit by Trialsanderrors – Photo taken by (Luca Galuzzi) *, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

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