Interactive street art

Beautiful examples of wall art graffiti that interacts with elements of the city.

by JPS (Jamie Scanlon)

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Power-drill becomes a surprising stop-motion tool

Los Angeles-based artist Federico Tobon attached a reel of 24  hand-drawn pages depicting an abstract animal to the chuck of a drill, generating an endlessly spinning sequence of frames. As Tobon engaged the drill’s trigger, the bit rotated the pages 360° and animated the cycle of otherwise static drawings. (via)
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Photo collages of impossible houses by Matthias Jung

German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates montages of imaginative houses, a mix of architectural elements, photography and landscape imagery. He calls his creations ‘architectural short poems that aim to visualize another perspective on how we could see the world and live in it’.

You can find more of his works and prints on his website
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The Cook Pines that lean towards the equator

Araucaria columnaris, known as Cook pine, is  a tree endemic to New Caledonia in the Melanesia region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Cook pines have been known to grow at peculiar angles and scientists have discovered why – it is because they always tilt towards the equator. The further the trees are from the equator the more they tilt. Many plants are able to lean towards a source of light when it is not directly above – a characteristic known as phototropism. On average Cook pines tilt by 8.55 degrees,  which is twice as much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Tree-like installations made with unraveled rope by Janaina Mello Landini

Brazil-based artist Janaina Mello Landini creates tree-like installations made with long sections of unraveled rope carefully pinned to the walls of galleries. Her artistic output encompasses her knowledge of architecture, physics and mathematics and her observations about time, to weave her worldview. Her work transits between different scales – from the object to public spaces. The labyrinthine architecture has been the central axis of her research in the “Ciclotramas” series, made with ropes that break down into minimal threading, and “Labirintos Rizomáticos”, works in satin that result in the construction of multifocal perspectives, nullifying the traditional construction.
WEBSITE (h/t : Zipper Galeria)

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10 DESIGN | Jinwan Aviation City Research & Development Centre Zhuhai, China


Architects: 10 Design

AWARD: international design competition: winner

Images / Project Description from 10 Design

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Jonty Hurwitz’ s Anamorphic Sculptures challenge our perception of reality

Jonty Hurwitz creates scientifically inspired artworks and anamorphic sculptures. He took an engineering degree in Johannesburg, South Africa where he discovered the very fine line between art and science. Each one of his pieces is a study on the physics of how we perceive space and is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms. Jonty takes an abstract object and projects an image which we can recognize as reality, knowing that that reality doesn’t really exist.

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