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Volcanic Craters

Nabiyotum Crater, Kenya
Nabiyotum Crater is located in the south of Lake Turkana in Kenya – the world’s largest alkaline lake.

Nabiyotum-Crater-KenyaPhoto: Martin Harvey


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Living Inside a Volcano

Volcanic Island of Aogashima

Aoga-shima is a stratovolcano forming a beautiful small 2.5 x 3.5 km island with steep cliffs in the Izu island chain, 300 km south of Tokyo.
Aogashima’s main attraction is its geologic anomaly, the double volcano. The island itself is one volcano, and another smaller volcano sits inside the caldera of it. Over 200 people live there. And yeah, it is an active volcano.


Lava Photography

Nyiragongo Lava, Congo

Nyiragongo Lava, Congo – Photo by Carsten Peter



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