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Oil paintings by Igor Mudrov


Oil on canvas paintings depicting people walking in the rain by Igor Mudrov.


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Representations: Everyday Objects as Drawings


Visual artist Cynthia Greig collects everyday objects and whitewashes them with ordinary house paint to devoid them of color or label. Then draws directly onto their surfaces with charcoal to create visual hybrids that appear to vacillate between drawing and photography, black-and-white and color. No digital manipulation is involved, but the camera’s monocular point of view is imperative.

My series of photographs, Representations, explores the concept of photographic truth and its correspondence to perceived reality. As a kind of playful homage to William Henry Fox Talbot’s treatise, The Pencil of Nature, the images combine color photography and drawing to create what I like to call photographic documents of three-dimensional drawings.


Photo manipulations by Yves Lecoq

photo-Yves-Lecoq-2The Big Choir

Amazing photo-manipulations from conceptual photographer Yves Lecoq combining  antique style, noir humor and surrealism.


Cassette Tape Artwork by Benoit Jammes


French artist Benoit Jammes breathes new life into vintage audio cassettes turning them into colorful pieces of art.  Each piece is completely handmade, made with a bit of work but so nostalgia!  Benoit draws inspiration from popular culture, movie posters and not only.
Visit his Flickr, Facebook


Vivid Landscape Paintings by Phan Thu Trang


Vietnamese artist Phan Thu Trang takes the landscape as her subject, simplifing individual elements to their bare essentials. With a limited palette, the artist prefers the use of texture to define her subjects. Smooth areas of bright monotone paint together with the lush, painterly impasto used to define tree leaves.  Works in gradations of blue appear as pre dawn or early evening with their soft, cool tones. Works in green and white are akin to mid morning light, while works in shades of yellow, orange and red exude the searing heat of the mid-afternoon sun.  Her paintings depict her passion to showcase the radiance and freshness of the landscapes in Vietnam.


Surreal Photo Manipulations by Vineet Radhakrishnan


Photographer and digital mixed-media artist Vineet Radhakrishnan from India, mostly doing portraiture and fashion shoots in Paris. His latest series inspired by the works of René Magritte is called the “Surreal Project” – creative  photomanupulations with bits of digital painting thrown in.


Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

Architectural-painting-Sunga-Park-5Harrods, London

Sunga Park works in South Korea as a mural wallpaper designer. Her architectural watercolors selection features buildings from cities around the world, including London, Paris, Busan, Venice, and Oxford. The buildings are painted in a fade out manner that gives them a floating essence and leaves imagination to fill in the rest.


Dramatic Finger Paintings by Paolo Troilo


Italian artist Paolo Troilo doesn’t use paint brushes to create these amazing and powerful artworks. Instead of paintbrush he dips his fingertips in black and white paint and guides them across the canvas.

Troilo tries to express the uncomfortable condition of being trapped in a void where the rules of society don’t apply. There are no dresses, colors, or objects, and we are liberated from useless accessories. His style developed one day, when attempting to translate his drawings into paintings. He found himself using his fingers when he couldn’t find any brushes.


Nate’s Adventures: Photography by David Niles


Artist David Niles has taken his son’s interests and produced them in delightfully spectral, vintage style photos that illustrate a small boy’s place in his own imagination.

Artist statement:

These are photographs of my son, pictured in a world of fantasy and imagination. A world that children occupy a good deal of the time. They are my interpretation of his world.


Postcards from the Future – Francesco Romoli

Postcards_from_the_Future_ Francesco_Romoli_4

Postcards from the Future by Italian digital artist Francesco Romoli.

What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. What we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables. There is only the inevitable.


Surreal Paintings by Amy Guidry

Surreal Paintings by Amy Guidry-

Amy Guidry is a Louisiana-based artist and currently resides in Lafayette. Amy  uses acrylic on canvas to create surreal narrative images. Her paintings explore the connections between different life forms and the cycle of life through a vivid and really captivating way.

My work stems from two loves – Psychology and Art. With Surrealism being the grand marriage of the two, I was naturally drawn to every aspect behind the movement. Using images conceived from dreams and free association that I catalog in several sketchbooks, I stitch together whole series from countless thumbnail sketches. Themes I explore involve the human psyche – who we are and how we interact with each other, including our relationship with other animals and the natural world.

More at amyguidry.com.


Creative Advertising Photography by Stuart Freeman

Advertising Photography by Stuart Freeman

Photography by commercial and advertising photographer Stuart Freeman. Freeman is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK, shooting people, places and products.


Rafael Sottolichio Paintings

Rafael Sottolichio Paintings

Quebec-based painter Rafael Sottolichio creates dream-like portraits using vivid colors. His characters appear to float through space while abstract swirls of color surround them. Take a look at some of Sottolichio’s work below. His sense of perspective is dazzling (as his palette).


Creative Commercial Photography by Daryna Kossar


Daryna Kossar is a designer, painter, and talented commercial photographer from Kiev, Ukraine who shoots food, fashion, and lifestyle photography.


Figure Paintings on Newspapers by Andrzej M. Karwacki


Andrzej M. Karwackis figure paintings explore ideas of fashion, feminism, human desire for love and beauty. It is Andrzej’s goal to present women not within an objectified framework but women that constitute a dominant key symbol within a wider cultural context.

His figure painting works use variety of media. They are composed of written stories, which by use of newspapers and non-fiction book material and words create background and content to an overall theme. They add a second dimension to the composition and to the personal life story of the model.


Before there was Photoshop… Surreal Landscapes by Jerry Uelsmann


Long before the invention of Photoshop, artists were creating trippy fake images. The techniques used to create these images include multiple exposure on a single negative, and printing a single print from multiple negatives. In the 1960s, Jerry Uelsmann revolutionized the art of photography by manually blending negatives in the dark room to produce surreal landscapes.

Sources: 1, 2

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Hossein Zare


Hossein Zare is a self-learned photographer based in Bushehr, Iran. Hossein captures beautiful landscape or cityscape pictures, and then creates stunning surrealistic artworks using photo manipulations in which his subjects defy gravity.


Old School Collages by Lynn Skordal

old-school-collages-Lynn-Skordal-1Norwegian Brain Farmers

“Most of my pieces involve old-style scissors-and-paper collage, a humble but immensely satisfying medium. I like the process of combining seemingly unrelated images (old photos, magazine clippings, coloured bits of paper, images found in old books or on the internet) into a different reality that might startle, amuse or provoke.
I live and work in the Pacific Northwest, on an island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a big city.”

 Lynn Skordal

Conceptual Illustrations by Sebastien Thibault


Sebastien Thibault is an illustrator based in Matane in the Canadian Gaspé Peninsula. With creations playing with  symbols and colors, and exploring human relations and technology, his strong portfolio includes works  for TIME, The Boston Globe and Rolling Stone Italy.


Creepy Digital Art by SheerHeart


Creepy digital artworks by Japanese artist SheerHeart.


Self-portraits by Noell S. Oszvald


Hungarian self-taught photographer and visual artist Noell S. Oszvald presents a portfolio of powerful self-portraits.  So dark and sophisticated imagery. She creates black and white pictures only, as she says she finds colors distracting.


Mixed Art Illustrations by Tatiana Kazakova


Moscow based digital artist and illustrator Tatiana Kazakova mixes fishes, birds, flying saucers, mystical trees and flowers creating a whimsy effect with great details. Her illustrations are a mix of media, between painting and digital manipulation.


Symmetrical Trees Photography by Oliver Delgado


Oliver Delgado  shoots rows of trees in such a way they create outstanding visual illusions of  endless tunnels. The photos are genuine and not digital montages. As Delgado said, “All images are real. I only adjusted levels in Lightroom.”


Minimalist Black and White Photography by Hossein Zare


Iranian photographer Hossein Zare has created this impressive series of minimalist black and white photography that symbolize our journey through life.



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