Animal Sculptures Made from Scrap Metal by Edouard Martinet

martinet-sculptures-1French sculptor Edouard Martinet sculpts several types of animals and insects from old objects found in flea markets and car part sales. He starts by drafting several detailed sketches of the animal or insect he has in mind to build and then fits each component into place as if putting together a puzzle.

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Steampunk Architecture, Oakley Headquarters

Sunglasses maker Oakley’s HQ in Orange County, California, was inspired by “Blade Runner” movie. Oakley prides itself on aggressive nonconformity. “We obsess about every component of our business,” says Oakley president Colin Baden, who first worked for the company as the architect of the unconventional headquarters. The design styling is surely fortress-like — and given the military nature of some of their product, it’s relevant.

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Dr. Evermore’s Steampunk Art Park

Located on Highway 12 in Wisconsin, Dr. Evermore’s Scrap Metal yard features a wide variety of strange metal creatures, from the steampunk orchestra, a band of 70 bird-like statues, made from different musical instruments, to the famous Forevertron, the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world. Tom Every – aka Dr. Evermore – says he takes pride in allowing the original materials to remain unaltered as much as possible, using their original forms in new juxtapositions to create his own aesthetic.

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Steampunk Star Wars (Action figures & Illustrations)

Like This!

Sillof has created a complete series of Steampunk modified Star Wars action figures. An awesome attempt to redesign the Star Wars universe in an antiquated Victorian style.

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Steampunk Animal Sculptures

James Corbett likes to incorporate old and interesting car parts into his sculptures. Nothing is bent into shape, the original integrity of each car part is maintained. The Car Part Sculptor has exhibited his works in galleries all across the world.

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