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Wire Fairies by Robin Wight


Inspired by an inexplicable real life encounter, the fantasy fairies are painstakingly created from galvanised and stainless steel wire, by UK wire artist Robin Wight. Every fairy is a handmade sculpture uniquely crafted to your desired pose and installation requirements. The artist currently has several pieces on view at the Trentham Gardens.


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Amazing Driftwood Sculptures by Jeffro Uitto


On the Washington coast there’s a place where nature’s leftovers get a second chance at stardom. The place is Knock on Wood, and Jeffro Uitto is the artist making the magic happen.


Wire Sculptures by Yong Won Song


Korean artist and sculptor Yong Won Song used wire to create these whimsical sculptures. The idea behind using wire was to create an exhibit with pieces that look like life-sized scribbled drawings. As Song says, “My work attempts to present ‘a world of dream’ as a combination of unconsciousness and consciousness.”


Zipper Installations by Jun Kitagawa


Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa installs zippers in buildings, on walls, and even in public ponds, around Japan. With his zippers, either painted on walls or sculpted , he intents to give viewers a more intimate look into the world we interact with every day through a familiar object.


Stone Sculptures by Ito Hirotoshi


ITO Hirotoshi‘s (aka Jiyuseki) stone sculptures are not only amusing, but also so alive that it is hard to believe they are made of hard impenetrable stone. He uses various kinds of stones ranging from granite and marble to ones he found at the Azusa riverbank near his home in Japan.

“ITO Hirotoshi continues to find new and original ways to create sculptures that people would touch and feel the unexpected softness and the warmth of them. He would be honored if his work would add laughs and smiles to people who come in contact with them.”


Exhibition: Feral Creatures

JAW_CooperJAW Cooper

“Feral Creatures” explores connections between the human spirit and the animal kingdom. This exhibition presents 10 contemporary artists whose inherent aesthetic employs beasts both fierce and docile as allegorical vehicles for life’s struggles and bliss. Each artist was chosen based on their natural mystique and ability to render beauty and grace with a skillful hand. By shining a spotlight on the wild, these artists allow the viewer to examine our reality through a broad tapestry of myth, imagination and animal behavior.
Artists include: Michael Alm, JAW Cooper, Peter Gronquist, Michael Page, Caitlin Hackett, Anita Kunz, Christina Mrozik, Jason Wheatley, Zoe Williams, and Kikyz1313.

Group exhibition curated by Stephanie Chefas.
Opening at Modern Eden Gallery (San Francisco, CA) on January 18th.


Driftwood Life-Size Horses by James Doran-Webb


British sculptor James Doran-Webb started to design driftwood furniture in 2005 and it was while playing with the various natural forms that he decided to try his hand at making animal sculptures. His large supply of the wood has made it possible for him to find the pieces of branch which most lend themselves to the natural form and shape needed to give his animals the movement and reality he strives to obtain in every piece he creates.


Striking bikes installation over French Canal


Retour a Betton (Return to Betton), is a sculptural installation over a canal in Betton, France, by Guy Lorgeret. Raised five meters off the ground, the installation depicts figures on bicycles, migrating from one bank to another, claiming their freedom and refusing to compete in a fictitious competition, while their reflections in the water adding to the magic of the scene.


Floating Architecture Installations by Seon-Ghi Bahk


Korean artist Seon-Ghi Bahk  creates sculptures from pieces of charcoal suspended from nylon filaments – objects or  geometric shapes based on sketches made in an apparently architectural approach. The artist re-interprets mundane objects, presenting them to us in a context disassociated from their real environment. Apparently floating in a play of light and space, his installations embody the relationship between humans and nature.


Halloween Candies

Halloween Candies

Artist Andrew Bell sculpts these Halloween-themed horrors – chocolate Kisses of Death and  Kill Kat bars.  And processed sweets aren’t the only subjects of Bell’s monstrous sculpture. His online gallery is filled with sake spirits, devilish apples, and a tofu-serving monster straight out of a vegetarian nightmare.
MEDIUM: Acrylic on resin, metal, paper
More creatures

Three-Dimensional Trees out of layers of Painted Glass


Turkish arist Ardan Ozmenoglu has created a series of three-dimensional trees out of layers of painted glass. The purpose of the project was to provide a social commentary of transience versus permanence in human culture and to encourage people to look at things from multiple perspectives.

Artist’s statement

I slice a flat image down to its constituent parts, like the levels of a topographic map. The flat image, existing now on multiple slides of glass, is abstracted and becomes sculpture, captured within and between the glass as it interacts with its medium and becomes a different image depending on the position of the viewer. This is the creation of dimension, mood and meaning for the viewer.


Jin Young Yu’s Transparent Sculptures


Korean artist Jin Young Lu creates transparent figures that invite the viewer to reflect on human identity and in particular on the loneliness and the difficulty that characterise relationships between individuals. The contrast between the haunting and sorrowful faces on her bottle figures with the vibrant colors and patterns that she partially covers her sculptures is what makes her work unique.


Alexis Arnold’s Crystallized Books


American artist Alexis Arnold grows crystals on books to create stunning effects. She uses laundry detergent to create the crystals which appear after the books are soaked in hot water and left to dry. When selecting objects to crystallize  she was mostly concerned with objects that had lost their function or place, and printed books were fitting into this category more and more. Ms Arnold said she decided to start crystallizing books and the following day came across eight boxes of wonderful, old books on the side of the road. The reaction to her work and the interpretations vary but often the growth of the crystals symbolizes growth through childhood as many of the works are children’s fiction.


The Unusual Ceramics of Johnson Tsang

Johnson-Tsang- Unusual-Sculptures

Hong Kong-based sculptor Johnson Tsang is specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes. Since 1993, Tsang’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain and Switzerland and collected by local and overseas museums and collectors.


The Mae West room at Dali’s Theatre-Museum

dali_museum_Mae_West_Room_1Photo: Vasudev (Vas) Bhandarkar

“The Mae West Room” is a sculptural installation by Salvador Dalí,  displayed at the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain.  It is based on the artist’s original painting Face of Mae West.


Surreal Character-objects by Roosevelt Kao


Sculptor Roosevelt Kao from San Diego, USA, creates surreal character-objects that utilize humor, pain, whimsy and satisfaction as a way of building relationships and comprehending his subconscious existence.


Human Nests by Jayson Fann


Artist Jayson Fann is a California resident who creates spirit nests for humans and helps to run the amazing Big Sur Spirit Garden along the Pacific Coast. Each nest is an interactive and functional art sculpture made from tree branches that are harvested from local forests and is large enough to accommodate up to eight people.


The Wire Art of Martin Senn


From afar Martin Senn‘s wire sculptures resemble ink or marker illustrations but if you look closer you can see the loops, knots, and pieces of wire that have been used and manipulated to project each object.


Land-art by Olga Ziemska


Olga Ziemska is a sculptor and public artist that lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio in a studio by Lake Erie. She uses natural and reclaimed materials, salvaged birch logs, clay and plaster to create wonderful installations that comment on humanity’s interaction with the natural world. As Ziemska explains on her website, she uses art as a tool to better understand the world.


Artworks from electrical wires – Frederico Uribe


Frederico Uribe has released his new collection of work made from electrical and a/v cables called Contectado.

Uribe creates sculptures which are not sculpted but constructed and weaved, in all kinds of different ways, curious and unpredictable, repetitive and almost compulsive. They follow the classics canons of figurative and abstract art, but the result is absolutely unusual, whimsical, of enormous efficacy and communicability. When observed from close, his works reveal various kinds of interpretations; they invite us to touch them, to discover the detail and connection between one element and another. When viewed form further away, they offer volumes, forms, textures and color. Distance, proximity and perception are key factors in the interaction between Uribe’s work and its viewers.


Metal Sculptures by Peter McFarlane

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane7

Canadian contemporary artist Peter McFarlane is a conceptually based sculptor, mixed media and installation artist, known for his sculptures of trash and recycled items. Of his work McFarlane says:

To me, waste is just lack of imagination. This belief carries beyond the boundaries of my art production and permeates most aspects of my life. Most of my home and studio, and much of everything in them, is recycled. I’ve always had an epic imagination along with a driving desire to make things. Thus, used objects have pared my options down to a workable, manageable level. No object is beyond artistic merit, meaning and metaphor.


Stone Balance Installations by Michael Grab

Stone Balance Installations by Michael Grab1

Amazing stone balance art by Land artist Michael Grab.

Through witnessing what this art has done for me personally over years of practice, my vision grows more and more to encourage others to seek their own “still-point” or inner silence. This art allows one to freely be themselves, manifesting their own particular vibrations into a 3D world. Stone balance teaches the practitioner lessons through silence. The inner silence that one cultivates through balancing is a foundation to realizing that each of us are as much one another as we are our entire universe.

You can see more on his website Gravity Glue.


Environmental Art Installations by Jaakko Pernu

Art_Installations_Jaakko Pernu

Jaakko Pernu’s environmental sculptures are inspired by the artist’s experiences growing up in Finland, where he was always helping his father build boats, manipulating wood into organic shapes. Pernu’s work is generally made of natural materials – branches and trunks found near a site, expertly woven together to achieve exquisite forms.

The ideas to my works come intuitively into existence by surprise out of time and place. I feel that my ready works can be part of the specific art world, placed in a museum or in a gallery, but just as well they can be in the dimension of everyman, on a strange route, along by which you would bump into them by chance. My theme is the influence of humans on nature – the influence of nature on humans.


Sculptures and Installations by Jaehyo Lee

Sculptures-installations-Jaehyo Lee4

Korean artist Jaehyo Lee uses wood and stainless steel materials to create elegant sculptures – stunning curved semi-geometric works of art.



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