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Photography: Robot Adventures

In this series of photographs Thomas Jackson draws inspiration from science fiction and literature to give the robot’s story a “darkly humorous narrative.” The plan was to create a series of staged photographs addressing a set of themes, among them … Continue reading

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Animal Inspired Bio Designs

Solar Powered COM-BAT Spy Plane The concept was conceived by the US military as a means to gather real-time data for soldiers, and the Army has awarded the University of Michigan College of Engineering a five year $10-million dollar grant … Continue reading

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Vintage Japanese Toy Robots

The toys are from the personal collection of the designer Tom Geismar, from Chermayeff & Geismar, which he has been collecting for decades. Mechagodzilla, the kaiju monster that aliens built to do battle with the real Godzilla in 1974. Released … Continue reading

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Conceptual Tree Planting Robot

From Yanko Design and designer Anna-Karin Bergkvist comes this concept of a tree planting robot. The eco-friendly four legged machine can plant trees with the help of its long planting arm and the planting head. The legs reduce the pressure … Continue reading

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Photoshop Cyborg Animals

The coolest robotic animals from Worth1000.com Photoshop contest. The list includes cybernetic reptiles, android mammals, a robot chicken and cyborg  insects.

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Cyber Photography

Photographer, digital artist and film maker, Benedict Campbell, creates striking photography by combining photography with digital graphics.

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Cthulhu the solar powered emo robot

Solar powered bugbot, he has a small vibrating motor attached to a solar engine and solar cell. He soaks up light till he has enough stored up in his capacitor to run a short burst from the motor. When this … Continue reading

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