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Erasing the horizons

Amazing  conceptual photography with a surreal twist by Adrienne Balaskó. Her photography minimalist and mainly in black and white draws inspiration from open fields , trees and solitary places. Balaskó making use of mirror… Continue reading


Summer Garden A sunken alcove garden in New Zealand.

10 Halloween Dishes (with recipes)

Mozzarella Eyeballs With Bloody Salsa click here for the recipe

Satellite Images get an Aesthetic Makeover

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania After working as an expert for satellite images, Claudius Diemer has now entirely devoted himself to the aesthetic aspect of earth portraits. The geographer has studied tens of thousands of free… Continue reading

Hunting Lodge that blends in with the Norwegian Landscape

The Hunting Lodge designed by Snohetta is a miniature hunting cabin that is fully integrated into the natural landscape. The lodge is beautifully situated, alone beside a lake in the untouched mountain areas close… Continue reading

Oregon’s ‘Lost Lake’ disappearing through lava tubes

Image source Oregon is home to the towering Cascades, a range of mountains and active volcanoes. The Lost Lake likely formed about 3,000 years ago, when lava flowing from a volcanic vent blocked a… Continue reading

The Cleft Island

Photo credit Cleft Island – locally known as Skull Rock – sits five kilometres off the coast of Victoria, Australia. A huge cavern with a grassy floor on its western  side , takes up the sheer cliff.  The… Continue reading

Creative Packaging Design II

Bla-bla Cookies source

Impure Photography – Photographer uses chemical pollutants to manipulate his images

Photographer  Brandon Seidler takes photos of contaminated sites in and around New Jersey and the Hudson River, and then takes his photographic negatives and soaks them in the very same chemicals found to be polluting  the… Continue reading