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The Golden Ginkgo Tree

The gingko tree—also known as maidenhair tree— receives its name from the gorgeous golden yellow of the autumn leaf color. Native only to certain parts of China, gingko’s  leaves fall since mid-November creating the… Continue reading

Close-up Photography Shows the Amazing Strength of Ants

Incredible close-up photographs show worker ants carrying Mimosa tree seeds, which weigh several times their own body weight, back to their nest. The ants and seeds are so small that Eko Adiyanto, the Indonesian photographer… Continue reading

“Sky Ladder” Made of Fireworks

Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, utilized fireworks and a giant balloon filled with helium to create the effect of a fiery ladder.  The pyrotechnic art piece lit up the sky above Quanzhou, south-eastern China… Continue reading

The ephemeral beauty of waves

Photographer Ray Collins captures captivating seascapes in Australia. Freezing the ephemeral relationship between water and light is what drives and inspires him to clamber out of bed in the dark each morning to… Continue reading

Kussharo Lake Tree

  For seven years photographer Michael Kenna had been photographing the same crooked oak tree in Kussharo Lake, Japan, finding beauty in its unusual and elegant shape. “I have photographed many trees, but this one… Continue reading

Quirky Mashup Images by Stephen McMennamy

Art Director Stephen McMennamy splits two photos he has previously taken, and then carefully arranges them together  to create unexpected and humorous situations.

Dramatic Black & White Landscapes

A collection of  monochrome impressive landscapes shot by British photographer Andy Lee .


Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius – Stunning illusion of an underwater waterfall. The reason for the island’s famous waterfall illusion has to do with local sand and silt deposits that flow through the area… Continue reading

Erasing the horizons

Amazing  conceptual photography with a surreal twist by Adrienne Balaskó. Her photography minimalist and mainly in black and white draws inspiration from open fields , trees and solitary places. Balaskó making use of mirror… Continue reading