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Evocative Illustrations by Beatriz Martin Vidal


Spanish illustrator Beatriz Martin Vidal uses colored pencils, watercolors, inks and Photoshop in her work. It features children prominently, and their magical  interaction with the natural world.


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Illustration + photo collaboration by Nithin Rao Kumblekar

Indian illustrator Nithin Rao Kumblekar combines photography with artistic illustration. These illustrations were created for an ad campaign by Ogilvy & Mather for ‘in store’ branding for Allen Solly clothing.


3D Pencil Drawings by Nagai Hideyuki

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki uses the projection technique called anamorphosis which allows to create 3D illusion when viewed from the correct angle. The way he arranges his notebooks for these photos gives the effect of a pop-up book.


Watercolor Illustrations by Matheus Lopes

Watercolor illustrations by Brazilian illustrator and designer Matheus Lopes.


Scientific Textbook Illustrations by Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes ‘s style is reminiscent of the diagrammatic vocabulary found in scientific textbook illustrations that often express through a detached and clinical viewpoint an empirical representation of the natural world. Keyes’ work is a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth’s future.

He was born in Tacoma, Washington. He received a BFA in 1992 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in 1998 from Yale University. Keyes currently lives and works in Portland Oregon.


3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin is a talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands. He is mostly a self-taught artist. Besides a great passion for airbrush, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite he makes unique artwork. From modern-expressionism to kick-ass airbrush designs and from photo-realism to 3d optical illusion drawings.


Illustrations by Sara Vandermeulen

Beautiful and magical art by Belgian illustrator and painter Sara Vandermeulen.

Paintings by Vu Cong Dien

Vu Cong Dien has only been on the professional scene for a few years yet his works are already in high demand in Europe, Australia, the US and Japan. Dien’s style of painting is characterized by vast expanses of fields dominated by large balloon shaped trees. He uses mono and dichromatic color schemes to achieve a sense of tranquility and peace.


Paintings by SeanSoong

Amazing painting by talented Chinese artist SeanSoong.


Forest Monsters illustrated by Andy Kehoe

Andy Kehoe‘s paintings have a fantastical, dark and detailed aesthetic that reminds us of the presence of shadows always lurking just beneath the surface. Even though these paintings by Andy Kehoe feature a ton of otherworldly monsters, they still somehow have a very friendly feeling.


Eyvind Earle Landscapes

Born in New York in 1916, Eyvind Earle began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book or paint a picture every day. Earle choose both. By the age of 21, he came into his own unique style. His oeuvre is characterized by a simplicity, directness and surety of handling. In 1951 Earle joined Walt Disney Studios as an assistant background painter.


Photo-illustrations by Marcela Bolivar

Marcela Bolívar is an illustrator and digital artist based in Cali, Colombia. Her artworks are based on photographs that go through a heavy process of transformation, assemblage and detail that puts them closer to a pictorial expression.

Fingerprint Art by Ingrid Aspöck

Austrian graphic artist and illustrator Ingrid Aspöck inspite of being annoyed by the fingerprints that accumulate on her smartphone, she finds them quite charming as they give this fancy technical device a human touch. In her collection of fingerprint art, the index finger is the star. He navigates the touchscreen like a pro. All of his fellow fingerprints are right there supporting him as they take an adorable adventure together, right on the screen of her iPad.


Illustrations of Unusual Words

Acersecomic: A person whose hair has never been cut.

A-Z of Unusual Words is an exciting exhibition of 26 graphic works by design and illustration studio The Project Twins. Influenced by vintage poster art and modernism, they use bold graphics to interpret a collection of strange, unusual and lost words.


Cosplay GEN #05: seven remixed photos as illustrations

Cosplay GEN #05_seven remixed photos as illustrations

The Cosplay GEN team, in collaboration with cosplayers, photographers, and the illustrator of the magazine, Cristian Dirstar aka Akira, have made seven remixed photos as illustrations for the Cosplay GEN #05.
More here

Street Art Illustrations by Phlegm


Cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm is well known for his self-published comics and amazing graffiti/street art. Phlegm uses colored spray paint as well as  black Indian ink to tie his walls and comics together. His graffiti art on huge walls, mostly in the United Kingdom, has become a part of city architecture.

The name phlegm came from one of the four bodily humours in ancient Greek medicine: blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament


Beautiful Illustrations By Benjamin Lacombe


Benjamin Lacombe  is a talented illustrator, painting very nice pictures on the theme of fairy tales and magic. Lacombe was born in Paris and today is one of the best children’s illustrators in the world. In 2007, Time magazine even named one of his books, “Cherry and Olive“, one of their top ten children’s books of the year.


Featured: Illustrations by Moony Khoa Le

illustrations by Moony Khoa Le

Impressive illustrations by Moony Khoa Le, a digital artist and illustrator based in Vietnam.


Surrealistic Paintings by Thor Lindeneg

Thor Lindeneg_return

Thor Lindeneg  is a surrealistic painter, who creates  brilliant works, with remarkable skilled renderings of fantastic settings. His project is to give rise to a new comprehension of the real world through the unrealistic presentation of the world. He participated in formulating the second generation of the surrealistic painters in Denmark. Thor Lindeneg’s works are displayed at several Danish museums, among them Skive Art Museum, The Art Museum of Trapholt and Fuglsang Art Museum.


‘Brighter doom’ Illustrations by Scott Belcastro

'Brighter doom' illustrations by Scott Belcastro

Working with acrylic paints on wood panels, Scott Belcastro creates awe-inspiring explosions of color with multiple layers of detail, encouraging the viewer to reconnect once again with their natural and not so natural surroundings.

“For this show I wanted to capture an imaginary essence or spirit that moves with things , weather it be a gun, an animal, or a building. I like to think everything has an essence. The depiction of guns and animals together have nothing to do with any sort of violence or harm. I chose the two due to their contrasting elements and how it felt and looked creatively. ‘Brighter Doom’ delves into my internal reactions to beauty and what it would look like as energy….motion ….and a bit of chaos.”


Futuristic Illustrations by Shichigoro-Shingo

Shichigoro-Shingo Stunning Illustrations

Shichigoro-Shingo is a Japanese illustrator, working as a freelancer. His illustrations have a particular feel, combining goth looks, futuristic feels of metal and screws, with nature elements, such as animals and plants. Having studied oil painting at Tama Arts University in Tokyo, he started working with Photoshop and subsequently worked as a digital artist for a games company.


Cutely Creepy Illustrations by Xue Wang

Xue Wang_A Stitch In Time

Dark but sweet pop surrealist paintings by Chinese artist (based in London) Xue Wang. Apparently her influences seem to be Mark Ryden and classic cartoons.

Fantasio Illustrations


Fantasio aka Oliver Wetter works as freelance illustrator specialized in cover artworks for editorials, book cover art, magazines, concept & genre art, preferable figure and portrait related. He has a strong passion for creating Retro, Steampunk and Victorian inspired sci-fi and fantasy characters.

Creative Skull Artworks

Skull Laprisamata

Skull Laprisamata



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