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Fintan Magee Murals


Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Queensland and later in New South Wales.
Moving away from traditional graffiti in recent years his guerilla murals often inhabit the isolated, abandoned and broken corners of the city. Mixing surreal and figurative imagery his paintings are deeply integrated with the urban environment and explore themes of waste, consumption, loss and transition and contain a sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books.(via)


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Street Art in the Abandoned Village of Doel


Doel, a small village in Belgium, is scheduled to be completely demolished to make room for the expanding harbor of Antwerp. Most of its inhabitants were forced to leave, but artists from across Europe have made their way in to use it as a canvas for their work.
Photographs by Romany WG.


Alexander Farto – Murals made with precision explosives


Portuguese street artist Alexander Farto (aka Vihks) embeddes explosives just beneath the surface of walls to reveal enormous, smoky images. The explosive etching technique involves precision detonation of plaster and brick to make the murals.


Street Art by DMS

Street-art- DMS-3

Davi De Melo Santos began his story with graffiti in 1998 in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), his hometown.
In recent years he has carried out works for major brands such as Adidas, Greenpeace, WWF, Fiat, Red Bull, within large enterprises. He has worked as an illustrator and designer for magazines, creating CD covers, book illustrations and prints for haute couture collections.


Abandoned Ship Transformed into Floating Graffiti Gallery

Abandoned Ship Transformed into Floating Graffiti Gallery

International street artist collective Dudug transformed the abandoned cruise liner -known as the Duke of Lancaster- on the beaches of Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales into an open air art gallery. The art project referred to as The Black Duke with contributions from artists including KIWIE, Cream Soda Crew, Laura Zombie, Bungle and Goin, Fat Heat and Mr Zero among others.


Exploding Paintings by Hua Tunan

Exploding-Paintings-Hua Tunan

China-based painter and graffiti artist Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese art principles with the contemporary culture to create beautiful color explosions on the canvas. Through this cultural merge Hua Tunan has developed a very unique and personal style.


Street Art by Eoin in Ireland


Based in Lahinch, on the Atlantic Coast, Eoin mainly paints ocean inspired scenes. ‘I try to capture some of the energy experienced while in and around the water.’ Over the past year Eoin has been working towards merging the 3 areas in which he draws  inspiration – surfing, street art and fine art. ‘My goal is to create something that can bridge the gaps between genres and stand alone as my own style.’


Banksy GIFs

Street art comes alive. Tumblr blog Made By ABVH was inspired by the art of Banksy and produced a series of GIFs that animated his work.


Amazing Examples of Street Art

street art by fauxreel


Graffiti Street Art by Escif

Street artist and illustrator Escif from  Spain, makes really cool graffiti works, which slightly remind classic graffiti techniques. His style is contemporary and simplistic as he uses simple forms and flat colors.
More graffiti.


Street Art Illustrations by Phlegm


Cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm is well known for his self-published comics and amazing graffiti/street art. Phlegm uses colored spray paint as well as  black Indian ink to tie his walls and comics together. His graffiti art on huge walls, mostly in the United Kingdom, has become a part of city architecture.

The name phlegm came from one of the four bodily humours in ancient Greek medicine: blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament


Anamorphic Graffiti by TSF Crew

Anamorphic Graffiti by TSF Crew

Awesome anamorphic street art by the TSF Crew in France. An anamorphic image is defined as “A distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.” [Wiki ]


Cat Street Art

Cat street art stencils

Christian Guémy, also known as C215 is a Parisian street artist focused on stencil graffiti. Christian has traveled extensively across the globe to instill his work into various cultures and cats are a common subject matter.


Eco Fur Graffiti by Neozoon


Neozoon is a female art duo that takes old fur coats and turns them into street art. They started with old vintage fur coats, then proceed to cut out the shapes of different animals, which they then stick around different cities. All of the animals chosen are indigenous to the area in which they are placed, bringing up questions about urbanization and the original natural surrounds.


Funny Interactive Graffiti

Alexandre Orion

Brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Orion in his series of works entitled ‘Metabiotics’ blends together street art and photography. He captures people in daily scenarios, showing them as if they are interacting with or a part of the street art. The resulting photos in  most of the cases are really comedic.


Creative Street Art

Homeless Street Art

A collection of 3D street/wall paintings, graffiti, murals, interactive or just freestyle street art.



Brilliant And Wild Car Graffiti




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