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Creative Ambient Advertising

ambient-advertisingNational Geographic – 3D Crocodile Escalator


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The Playful Faces of Victor Nunes


Victor Nunes, places every-day objects or food, onto a page and then with a few pencil strokes and a touch of humor he turns them into pictures of faces, animals and other playful scenes.


Imaginative mixed media art by Sarah Illenberger


Sarah Illenberger is a multi-media artist  based in Berlin working at the intersection of art, graphic design, and photography. With a focus on analog craftwork using everyday items, Sarah is renowned for creating vivid, witty images that open up new perspectives on seemingly familiar subjects.


Stone Sculptures by Ito Hirotoshi


ITO Hirotoshi‘s (aka Jiyuseki) stone sculptures are not only amusing, but also so alive that it is hard to believe they are made of hard impenetrable stone. He uses various kinds of stones ranging from granite and marble to ones he found at the Azusa riverbank near his home in Japan.

“ITO Hirotoshi continues to find new and original ways to create sculptures that people would touch and feel the unexpected softness and the warmth of them. He would be honored if his work would add laughs and smiles to people who come in contact with them.”


Cassette Tape Artwork by Benoit Jammes


French artist Benoit Jammes breathes new life into vintage audio cassettes turning them into colorful pieces of art.  Each piece is completely handmade, made with a bit of work but so nostalgia!  Benoit draws inspiration from popular culture, movie posters and not only.
Visit his Flickr, Facebook


Weird Inventions from the Past

Strange-inventions-7Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc.


Playful Illustrations with Everyday Objects by Javier Pérez


Ecuador-based illustrator and art director  Javier Pérez mixes everyday objects with line drawings and turns them into creative art. Really a fun series of photos.


What do animals get up to when we’re not looking?


French photographer Thomas Subtil in his series “hakuna matata” – a Swahili phrase which means “no worries” – takes animals native to Africa and anthropomorphizes them, revealing us the secret lives of wild animals. The unusual snaps were made from photographs Subtil took whilst visiting Kenya. He later edited them to make them a little more unusual and surreal. We’ve never seen animals do this before… perhaps they only do it when nobody is around?


Crazy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Massive Halloween craziness from the early 1900s.

Vintage Halloween11 (more…)

Hilarious Illustrations by Alex Solis


American illustrator / graphic designer  Alex Solis  creates hilarious illustrations with the aid of his hands and/or everyday objects. Without a lot of editing unfinished illustrations come to life with interactive actions.


Dead Flies Art by Magnus Muhr


Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr using the found bodies of dead flies, arranges them on a blank piece of paper and draws them into everyday situations that make fun of humans.
The original idea sparked when Muhr was bored at a party, went for a walk, and found a dead fly on the ground. When he got home he arranged a few dead insects and started drawing them in humorous situations.


Old School Collages by Lynn Skordal

old-school-collages-Lynn-Skordal-1Norwegian Brain Farmers

“Most of my pieces involve old-style scissors-and-paper collage, a humble but immensely satisfying medium. I like the process of combining seemingly unrelated images (old photos, magazine clippings, coloured bits of paper, images found in old books or on the internet) into a different reality that might startle, amuse or provoke.
I live and work in the Pacific Northwest, on an island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a big city.”

 Lynn Skordal

Road Signs Street Art by Clet Abraham


Artist Clet Abraham has been sneaking around cities across Europe in the middle of the night and strategically placing stickers on street signs to alter their meanings. And while passers-by may crack a smile when they see the humorous signage, Abraham hopes people will think twice next time they are asked to follow an instruction.


Vintage Photos of Animals Acting Like People


A funny collection of vintage photos of animals acting like people.
(All photos courtesy of Getty Images)
More photos


3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin is a talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands. He is mostly a self-taught artist. Besides a great passion for airbrush, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic, oil, water paints, charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite he makes unique artwork. From modern-expressionism to kick-ass airbrush designs and from photo-realism to 3d optical illusion drawings.


Banksy GIFs

Street art comes alive. Tumblr blog Made By ABVH was inspired by the art of Banksy and produced a series of GIFs that animated his work.


Humorous Mixed Media Art by Nancy Fouts

Humorous Mixed Media Art by Nancy Fouts

American artist Nancy Fouts creates  refreshing humorous sculptures that are truly dynamic in their design. Everyday objects, animals or symbols are being rearranged to change its original character.  She says about her work: ‘It’s not deep, but it is entertaining and it makes people smile!’


Vintage LOLcats

Lolcats of the Late 19th-Early 20th Century

These were the original cat memes before the internet even existed.


Dad Takes Crazy Pics of His Daughters

Dad Takes Crazy Pics of His Daughters

Photographer Jason Lee manipulates photos of his two daughters, Kristin and Kayla, to create magical scenes. Through the  power of his camera and computer, he transforms the girls into  video game heroes and other whimsical beings. Lee posts gorgeous photos — altered and unaltered — of his daughters on his blog. Check it out here.


A World Of Zippers

A World Of Zippers


Fan Inspired Angry Birds Artworks

angry birds

‘Angry Birds’ fan based artwork collection.

Angry Birdksy by bortwein75


The Money Shredding Alarm Clock

Money Shredding Alarm Clock

Have a hard time waking up in the morning? Try this alarm clock, which begins shredding a dollar bill (or your choice of  banknote) from the time the alarm goes off.
Be careful, though – Mashable reminds us that willfully destroying American currency is a federal offense.
The clock is probably a design concept and it’s been doing the rounds in various tech blogs this past week with no mention of who made it.

Hover Dogs Photography

Flying Dogs

by Mark Robinson


Funny Interactive Graffiti

Alexandre Orion

Brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Orion in his series of works entitled ‘Metabiotics’ blends together street art and photography. He captures people in daily scenarios, showing them as if they are interacting with or a part of the street art. The resulting photos in  most of the cases are really comedic.



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