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Fine Art Photography by Idrus Arsyad

Talented amateur photographer Idrus Arsyad from Indonesia, is interested in landscape, nature and wildlife photography. His incredibly saturated and vivid photos give us a glimpse of Indonesian countryside.

Black & White Photography by Peter Jamus

Great shots combining nature and human beings by Minneapolis-based Fine Art photographer Peter Jamus.

Jennifer Hudson: Baptism & Traveler

Jennifer B Hudson is a young visual artist creating staged imagery that is both artistically stylized and meticulously crafted.  Drawing inspirations from themes of feminism and social placement, faith, purity in trust, the… Continue reading

Eyvind Earle Landscapes

Born in New York in 1916, Eyvind Earle began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book… Continue reading

Fine Art Landscape Photography by Olivier Du Tré

Olivier Du Tré  is a Belgian/Canadian fine art landscape photographer. His goal as a photographer is to capture these emotions each time he shoot a scene. Of course, he relies on Mother Nature… Continue reading

Fine Art Photography by Sarah Yun

Sarah Yun was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) in 1982. She studied directing, producing and reportage in the School of Image and Sound CEV in Madrid, and is currently… Continue reading

Photographic Pathology by Esteban R. Leyton

ALZHEIMER …Making the image shout at us without moving it, feeling it although it is physically still, shaking our very foundations without colors…this is something only a few people can achieve through a… Continue reading

Digital 3D Art by Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is a digital artist and interior designer based in Athens, Greece.  He creates digital environments and scenes of different types (surrealistic, realistic, abstract etc) and his creations in 3D are at least… Continue reading

Minimalist Photography – The Art of Less

a long story by Piet Flour