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Creepy Digital Art by SheerHeart


Creepy digital artworks by Japanese artist SheerHeart.


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Mixed Art Illustrations by Tatiana Kazakova


Moscow based digital artist and illustrator Tatiana Kazakova mixes fishes, birds, flying saucers, mystical trees and flowers creating a whimsy effect with great details. Her illustrations are a mix of media, between painting and digital manipulation.


3D Art by Andrey Bobir

3D Art By Andrey Bobir-4

Kazakh artist Andrey Bobir apparently influenced by surrealism creates amazing digital art with 3ds max and Photoshop.


Surreal Illustrations by Igor Morski

Surreal-Illustrations-Igor Morski5

Graphic-artist and illustrator Igor Morski has created impressive surreal illustrations with a photo-real  approach. Really well-composed, surreal mastery.


Illustrations by Craig Shields

Illustrations-Craig Shields3

Craig Shields has dedicated himself to the digital arts, often combining traditional and digital techniques to create some truly unique illustrations.

Photoart by kokoszkaa

Stunning works from Polish digital artist kokoszkaa.
More at her  DeviantArt page.

‘Holy Wood’ Digital Sculptures

Holly Wood by La Souris Sur Le Gateau is a series of digital sculptures produced with the aid of some major graphic design skill. The project includes some of the world’s most beloved film, video game and cartoon characters, such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse, all depicted as wood carvings.


Featured: Illustrations by Moony Khoa Le

illustrations by Moony Khoa Le

Impressive illustrations by Moony Khoa Le, a digital artist and illustrator based in Vietnam.


Futuristic Illustrations by Shichigoro-Shingo

Shichigoro-Shingo Stunning Illustrations

Shichigoro-Shingo is a Japanese illustrator, working as a freelancer. His illustrations have a particular feel, combining goth looks, futuristic feels of metal and screws, with nature elements, such as animals and plants. Having studied oil painting at Tama Arts University in Tokyo, he started working with Photoshop and subsequently worked as a digital artist for a games company.


A World Of Zippers

A World Of Zippers


Digital 3D Art by Adam Martinakis

Digital 3D Art by Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is a digital artist and interior designer based in Athens, Greece.  He creates digital environments and scenes of different types (surrealistic, realistic, abstract etc) and his creations in 3D are at least impressive.


Photo manipulations by Leo Patzelt

Art_Leo Patzelt

German digital artist Leo Patzelt (aka Pixelnase), influenced by Salvador Dali and Rembrandt, has been creating stunning artworks. A splendid work of balancing shapes and colors made in Photoshop.



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