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Creative Packaging Design

People often say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in sales the first impression created by the packaging of a product, sometimes it’s all it takes for us to want it.  A packing design can be bizarre, cool, … Continue reading

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Hanging Canvas Furniture

A canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair by YOY Design Studio. The two-dimensional furniture can be used by leaning against a wall. A frame made of wood and aluminum is covered by an elastic fabric printed with … Continue reading

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Surrealist Architecture Designs by Victor Enrich

Architectural designer Victor Enrich created these intriguing works of art through a combination of photography and 3D digital rendering. “A combination of photography and 3D architectural visualization is used. Once the object is chosen, it is shot from a point … Continue reading

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‘Wolke 7′ Flying house

Wolke7 is a flying house concept, which has been conceived by designer Timon Sager. It’s the perfect combination of travel and feel at home. Like a yacht for the sky. Not just go everywhere everytime, also have all your needs … Continue reading

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Futuristic Phone Designs

iPhone 6, with 3D Curved AMOLED Plus Display Created by Chris Youn, the iPhone 6 design is based on 3D sound and 3D hologram interaction and it comes with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

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Modern Pylon Design

Awesome pylon concepts, created by DesignDepot, design studio, located in Moscow, Russia.

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The Passing Cloud Project

Passing Cloud by Tiago Barros is a recently submitted project for the international ideas competition: Life at the Speed of Rail, promoted by Van Alen Institute and the Department of Cultural affairs of New York City. Although it wasn’t one … Continue reading

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The Money Shredding Alarm Clock

Have a hard time waking up in the morning? Try this alarm clock, which begins shredding a dollar bill (or your choice of  banknote) from the time the alarm goes off. Be careful, though – Mashable reminds us that willfully … Continue reading

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Blackberry Empathy – Emotional Communication

Based on the idea of a mood ring, this futuristic cellphone integrates a keypad that changes color according to the emotional state, sensed from messages and phone calls, as the biometric ring transmits the body signals of wearer and sends … Continue reading

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Futuristic Floating Dwellings

MORPHotel, a concept by Italian architect Gianluca Santosuosso, takes the luxury liner idea to a whole new level. The unique project is a floating system that slowly drifts around the world not only to move people around in comfort but … Continue reading

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