Johannes Stoetter transforms humans into amazing paintings inspired by nature

Johannes Stoetter spends up to five months painstakingly planning and perfecting each of his amazing creations. Each work of art then takes up to eight hours to complete using special breathable paint. The stunning creations, which include a frog made up of people, fruit, animals and trees, have earned Johannes the world body-painting title in 2012.

Animalistic Body Art by Gesine Marwedel

German artist Gesine Marwedel uses the human body as a canvas for her beautiful body paintings. She is taking body painting to a new level by using the natural shapes of the human form and her art is so detailed that you forget you’re looking at a human body.

Hand Paintings by Annie Ralli

Hand Painting illusions by talented London-based body painter Annie Ralli. Photographed by Ray Massey Bodypainting is a meticulous work, but it has to be carried out at speed, partly because the “canvas” walks away at the end of the day and partly because paint is less stable on a living, moving base. The work is…