Before there was Photoshop… Surreal Landscapes by Jerry Uelsmann


Long before the invention of Photoshop, artists were creating trippy fake images. The techniques used to create these images include multiple exposure on a single negative, and printing a single print from multiple negatives. In the 1960s, Jerry Uelsmann revolutionized the art of photography by manually blending negatives in the dark room to produce surreal landscapes.

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Symmetrical Trees Photography by Oliver Delgado


Oliver Delgado  shoots rows of trees in such a way they create outstanding visual illusions of  endless tunnels. The photos are genuine and not digital montages. As Delgado said, “All images are real. I only adjusted levels in Lightroom.”

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Black and White Photography by Darren Moore


Darren Moore is a talented self taught photographer specializing in Black & White long exposure land and seascapes who currently is based in Surrey, England.

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Delicate Paper Art by Hina Aoyama


Hina Aoyama brings paper-cut art to a whole new level by achieving an incredible level of detailed using only scissors. According to the artist herself, the creation of one job can take several hours to a whole week of hard work. Hina tries to mix different techniques to produce her own style in the genre of paper art. And it looks like she already did it.

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The Tree Project by Zonenkinder

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-7

“The Tree Project” is an ongoing art project since 2006 inspired by the beauty and the decay of nature and created by German artists duo Zonenkinder.

By painting eyes, faces and grimaces on the trees, by ornamenting and dressing them we emphasize our close and unique connection with nature. Thereby reflecting that trees are exceptional and beautiful living individuals. This stands in contrast to the often destructive and indifferent interaction with the environment of mankind. Please note that we take environmental issues serious: for all tree-paintings shown here we use natural and biodegradable colors that will fade away after a while.

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Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

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Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

In this series, French photographer Laurent Chehere  invites us to dream and imagine what it would be like if houses were flying. “Flying Houses” represents a mix of Chehere shooting various structures and creating them in Photoshop.

“Technically, I drew the buildings and afterward, I shot each element such as the roof, walls, windows, graffiti, and even the people—it’s a montage,” explained Chehere. “The series is a tribute to the old Paris and the movies including The Red Balloon, and directors such as Hayao Miyazaki, Wim Wenders, and Federico Fellini”.

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Eerie Photography by Amber Ortolano

Photography by Amber Ortolano

New York based photographer Amber Ortolano has demonstrated her talent in photography. Her photographs are so evocative, so telling, which has drawn attention by numerous magazines and websites.

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Photography – Real-life Picasso women

Photography -Real-life-Picasso-women-5

Artist Eugenio Recuenco has recreated a few of Picasso’s classic looks for an inspired fashion photography series. The series Picasso was produced for theSpanish weekly SMODA, a supplement to EL PAÍS.

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HDR photography by Michael Murphy

HDR photography by Michael Murphy

London based photographer Michael Murphy started his career with Canon 500 d. Carried away with the HDR and since then prefers exactly that genre in his hobby.

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