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Mind Landscapes

Rubén Fuentes‘s landscape paintings entitled Mind Landscapes are an expression of his love of nature, of his homeland Cuba full of greenery, but also of his sympathy for all the ecosystems of our planet.… Continue reading

Photographer Transforms Iconic Landmarks with Whimsical Paper Cutouts

Rich McCor was trying to find different ways of photographing iconic London landmarks when he came up with the idea. By combining photography with his paper-cutting skills he came up with the idea… Continue reading

Cinemagraph Gif series of endangered animals

Beautiful animated double exposure images created using Cinemagraph by graphic designer Said Dagdeviren.

Rock sofas

Momentum  collection by Fredrikson Stallard features a series of pieces including these two sofa designs named Species 1 and Species 2. Species, made out of polyurethane, glass fibre and polyester, is a study in… Continue reading

The power of contrast

Russian journalist Nikolai Tolstyh cuts out  paper silhouettes of animals and then poses them against colorful landscape backgrounds. A tiger’s stripes are portrayed using dried fern leaves, while a giraffe’s spots are mimicked by marigold blooms.

Everyday objects mixed with simple painting turned into playful art

Adorable illustrations created using playfully vibrant colors, illustration and real-life objects by Spanish artist Jesuso Ortiz.

Ceramic Sculptures Mimic the Appearance of Decaying Wood

Christopher David White creates ceramic sculptures that explore themes of growth and decay. Through the use of trompe l’oeil he seeks to expose the beauty that often results from decay while, at the same… Continue reading

The Girl and the Birds

Beautiful portrait illustrations by OkArt . The south Korean artist using the effect of double exposure by merging the eye of the model with that of the bird explores harmony between humans and animals.


Photographer Øystein Sture Aspelund in his series Arise explores the verticality of nature. Aspelund creates digital landscapes where the tops of trees are manipulated to reach straight into the sky. “To rise up from the ground… Continue reading