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Beautiful Dark Twisted Illustrations

Minimalist black and white illustrations by korean artist Henn Kim. Morning Swim

Live Oaks of Ossabaw

Photographer Diane Kirkland in her series Live Oaks of Ossabaw captures the majestic oaks trees of Ossabaw, an island off the coast of Georgia. The Live Oak is the iconic tree of the old American… Continue reading

Mind Landscapes

Rubén Fuentes‘s landscape paintings entitled Mind Landscapes are an expression of his love of nature, of his homeland Cuba full of greenery, but also of his sympathy for all the ecosystems of our planet.… Continue reading

The scenic Tamblingan Lake

Photo by Agung Krisprimandoyo Tamblingan Lake in Bali, Indonesia, is a small crater lake at the northwestern edge of Bedugul caldera surrounded by green hills. It is smaller than the lakes it shares… Continue reading

Do it yourself Creative Lamp Ideas

Reindeer inspired lamp. Using conventional things around the hose like bottles and a dab of creativity can create a work of art. See more

Photographer Transforms Iconic Landmarks with Whimsical Paper Cutouts

Rich McCor was trying to find different ways of photographing iconic London landmarks when he came up with the idea. By combining photography with his paper-cutting skills he came up with the idea… Continue reading

Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings

Kilian Schönberger‘s photo series entitled “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings”, is inspired by the gloomy fairytales written by the Brothers Grimm. The series features striking images of locations throughout central Europe that echo the mood of… Continue reading

The Glowing Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park

Image Credit Horsetail Fall, located in Yosemite National Park in California, is a seasonal waterfall that flows in the winter and early spring. The fall occurs on the east side of El Capitan.… Continue reading

The Tree Self

Sebastian Errazuriz’s shelving unit called Bilbao receives its name from the street in Santiago, Chile, where the artist found a branch that had broken off a fallen tree. The branch was taken to… Continue reading