Street art by Daan Botlek

Daan Botlek

Rotterdam based street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is known for his minimalist form of character-driven street art. His ghostly white figures painted on old building walls, are depicted to execute daring escapes interacting  with the space around them or  passing in and out of unseen dimensions.

Daan Botlek8

Daan Botlek7

Daan Botlek6

Daan Botlek5

Daan Botlek4

Daan Botlek3

Daan Botlek2

Daan Botlek1


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22 Responses to Street art by Daan Botlek

  1. stvrsnbrgr says:

    The last two are perfection.

  2. vivekav321 says:

    Wow ! would be interesting if one such thing would happen to me !

  3. toemailer says:

    We would love to post a few of those at toemail if you do not mind?

  4. cac2008 says:

    We believe it.s real!

  5. AmyRose says:

    This artist is brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Love, Amy

  6. Wow !!!!!! It’s great but freaky in a good way .. Looks real ghosts !!!

  7. Reblogged this on When Life Gives you Lemons… and commented:
    Hello reader! Today’s feature of the week is a trendy art, design and architecture blog I follow called e-MORFES. Check out their post on street artist Daan Botlek. His work will startle you, make you laugh, and might even make you question if there’s a 4th dimension. Enjoy!

    Tune in every Wednesday at 1pm to see which blogger on WordPress I’ve chosen as feature-of-the-week. :)

  8. clinock says:

    fabulous and witty, love them all…

  9. Clever and outstanding AND fun:)

  10. Amazing isn’t it? Some of the street art is the best!

  11. How interesting! I love how the artist plays with space and dimensionality.

  12. Priya Ghose says:

    Reblogged this on Click And Color and commented:
    Very neat!

  13. 7128788elf says:

    Reblogged this on charles1958 and commented:
    Here’s some awesome street art, enjoy.

  14. 7128788elf says:

    Thanks for blogging these murals, I love this type of art, and this is awesome, so I am going to re blog for my friends who love these as well. Thanks for following and liking my work, best wishes Charles.

  15. Mary F. says:

    Reminds me of Keith Haring! Very cool stuff.

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