Abandoned Houses

A collection of eerie abandoned buildings that have not lost their charm.

Abandoned House-4Detroit (image credit: Kevin Bauman)

The Inn at RodantheThe inn at Rodanthe, U.S

Abandoned House(image credit: Shane Gorski)

abandoned-placesChesapeake Bay, U.S (image credit: baldeaglebluff)

Abandoned House-1The old farmhouse on Monmouth Battlefield by b k

Abandoned House-2(image credit: Michael Glasgow)

Abandoned House-5Detroit (image credit: Kevin Bauman)

Abandoned House-3(image credit: Trevor Cameron)

haunted-house-1Normandy, France by Sonja Caldwell

abandoned_house2Kosse, Texas (image credit: Big Grey Mare)

haunted-house(image credit: Becky Ball)



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