Beautiful Illustrations By Benjamin Lacombe

Benjamin Lacombe  is a talented illustrator, painting very nice pictures on the theme of fairy tales and magic. Lacombe was born in Paris and today is one of the best children’s illustrators in the world. In 2007, Time magazine even named one of his books, “Cherry and Olive“, one of their top ten children’s books of the year.



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6 Responses to Beautiful Illustrations By Benjamin Lacombe

  1. jayne ayres says:

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    This blog ALWAYS sends me somewhere incredible! I had to share – the images speak instantly, where words would have to wind and build with time.

  2. jayne ayres says:

    OMG – you continually choose the most visually poetic and provocative images – I have to share this post!

  3. N Filbert says:

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  4. nmbpro says:

    The style and composition of these pieces are really beautiful. The fourth image, of what appears to be Medusa, has a very interesting perspective into the character.

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