Dangerous walks to school

Girls on the way to school in remote Nepal. There is no bridge and they have to daily risk their lives for education.

Girl forced to walk through the lines of minefield marking sticks on her way to school in Sri Lanka.

Children living in the Zhang Jiawan village have to climb unsecured ladders that are leaning against a 60-metre tall cliff face each day to get to school.

dangerous walks to school3

Students from Cilangkap village in Indonesia had to construct a bamboo raft to get to school.

dangerous walks to school4

Pupils in a remote village in China are forced to scramble down sheer cliffs and cross freezing rivers just to reach their school.

Indonesian students face Indiana Jones-style river crossing every day.

For these students the zip wire is their only access to the outside world, 1,300ft above the Rio Negro in Colombia.

dangerous walks to school1

dangerous walks to school2

Walking to school down the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh.

A group of girls walk across a narrow plank on the walls of the 16th century Galle fort to reach their school in Sri Lanka

dangerous walks to school

The daily walk to and from Gulucun Primary school in China, certainly takes some courage with a 5,000ft sheer drop on one side.

A single horse cart ferries more than thirty-five children to school on the outskirts of New Delhi in India.

dangerous walks to school5