Humorous Mixed Media Art by Nancy Fouts

American artist Nancy Fouts creates  refreshing humorous sculptures that are truly dynamic in their design. Everyday objects, animals or symbols are being rearranged to change its original character.  She says about her work: ‘It’s not deep, but it is entertaining and it makes people smile!’



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6 Responses to Humorous Mixed Media Art by Nancy Fouts

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  2. margarella says:

    Way too clever and humorous, my cup of tea definitely!

  3. angela3619 says:

    Talented and very creative thanks for sharing.

  4. Funny and inspiring, my favourites were probably the toothbrush and the egg with a baby egg inside it! Then again I also loved the cherry die, the unlikely grenade and the cacti balloon…there were just to many to pick just two…

  5. Love ‘em, especially the snail on the razor blade.

  6. How clever, I’m sharing :)

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