Artistic Drought Photography

Drought Surreal by Cumbrian Snapper

Empty Hands… by =Konijntje

…And the Earth Fell Apart at my Feet ©Jason Langley

The Valley of Death ©Marsel van Oosten

drought  by ~MertTutuncu

Mr Nikon’s “Drought”

Primordial Tree ©Stephen Harrison

Last Day of Drought… © Peter Cakovsky

Alvord Desert sunset

sequía by luzdelsur

Drought’s expression – Image credit:Wired

Parched Earth

W\B Steadfast despite the drought..

Drought by cifo59

Drought.. by ~kaaann

Hope by Mr. Bones



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2 Responses to Artistic Drought Photography

  1. Nae's Nest says:

    I love the pics. fantastic.

  2. Great photos, thanks for sharing :)

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