Vintage Gas Mask Photography

2 for the train – gas mask

image credit

Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

gas masks


(image credit: Miss Magnolia)

image credit

izu islands

gas mask walk

Unchained Melody

gas mask

image credit

image credit

(image credit: Thomas Scott)

1941 WWII Gas Mask – LIFE Magazine

Sucker Punch German Soldier Statue by GENTLE GIANT LTD

photograph: AP

jump rope – gas mask



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5 Responses to Vintage Gas Mask Photography

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  3. sofiasadas says:

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  4. kwps03 says:

    Remained at this day comes,

  5. Mark Goodwin says:

    Some really cool pix there. But whoa! How scary the thought of why we had them in the first place eh? Please God we don’t ever need anything like this again.

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