Weird Vintage Photography

Weird Vintage Photography

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A photo blog focused on the unique and bizarre things of the world, exploring a number of different subjects such as art, photography, architecture and travel.

37 thoughts on “Weird Vintage Photography”

  1. I am so glad you “liked” one of my posts – it caused me to visit – and I LOVE this collection of photos – I got the better end of the visits! Thank you – very impressive – the photos made me smile and wonder . . .

  2. I cannot imagine how you collected these images. they are startling, fascinating, mind-blowing, and sometimes beautiful. I loved them! And, yes thank you kindly for your comment on my blog.

  3. the picture with aliens walking near policemans is fantastic! As well as that of the maids with those strange umbrella in spiderman style :P

  4. What a great collection of vintage photography! Would love to know the story behind some of them. The chicken person trotting through the countryside kills me.

  5. So cool. Awhile back I discovered Victorian death photos. They would pose the deceased with the family and take a picture. Creepy, but so interesting.

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