Camouflage Body Painting by Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy in some of his paintings uses the bodies of his volunteers  as a canvas while on others he merges it with backdrops to give the display depth and then photographs them in unique poses. Some of his creations are so complex that you can barely see the outline of the human body.


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7 Responses to Camouflage Body Painting by Craig Tracy

  1. Funny man says:

    this a beautifull thing i ever seen.

  2. Diana says:

    WONDERFULL!!!! Really, that is just amazing!!!

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  4. very good phottos ;) thanks !

  5. pattada nanaiah says:

    ah! the mind, body and soul – God did create a wonderful thing called the human being.

  6. runjackal says:

    That is just amazing. Very trippy!

  7. amanda85 says:

    I can’t believe my eyes. The artist is a brilliant guy.

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