Claire Morgan’s Outstanding Eco Art

Visual artist Claire Morgan, has a strong interest in the organic, in natural processes, and in the bodily connotations of natural materials. Adventure Ecology, which named Morgan resident artist in 2008, has recognized Morgan’s art for her provocative built environments, which are expressive of both ecological order and disorder.

A Part at the Seam – Taxidermy Jackdaw, thistle seeds, torn black polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic


A Bird Dropping – Dandelion seeds, leaves, a taxidermied blackbird, nylon, lead, acrylic


Interference – Dead insects, nylon threads, speaker, white noise, acrylic case, black plinth.


Making a Killing – Dead butterflies, skeletal crows, nylon


Tracing Time – Dandelion seeds, nylon threads, a taxidermied wren, dead leaves, lead


Silver Lining – Taxidermy Barn Owl and Rat, thistle seeds, dandelion seeds, lead, nylon, acrylic


While You Were Sleeping – Taxidermy Red Squirrel, bluebottle flies, lead weights, nylon, acrylic


Ophelia (wake) – Taxidermy Duck, torn green polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic

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