10 Must Have Halloween Gadgets

Living Dead Dolls Pencil Sharpener
A crazy gadget combining design and functionality. A wonderful stress reliever, that is sure to be followed by others.


Skulls Earphones
Outstanding fidelity in a stylish, one-of-a-kind design!

Horror Wrist-rest
Realistic foam wrist-rest in the shape of a disembodied hand!

Spooky Shadows Projector
This revolving shadow projector will cast dancing shadows around your room to help create the perfect haunted atmosphere. The frosted rotating dome casts shadows on surrounding surfaces.
Shadow images include a witch on broom, bats, black cat, tree, and tombstones.

Ghost Mouse
That sleek gadget looks cool on any desktop year-round, and glows in the dark for an extra-spooky effect.

Twitching Spider lamp
This spider’s eight illuminated legs span 36″ in diameter, four of which move slowly to create the simulacrum of careful, calculated movement as if stalking prey.


Halloween Lighting Effects Machine
Plug your house lamps into the Halloween Lighting Effects Machine and watch your lamps flicker and dim! It works with up to 500-watt light bulbs and has a built-in microphone. Plus, you’ll get a spooky sounds CD featuring thunderstorms, creaking floors, and more.

The Humping Chihuahua
Don’t have a lot of time or money to dress up for Halloween? Well, you can always go as a dog owner with a humping dog on your leg!

Wireless Fog Machine
Dazzle friends and neighbors with a lighted fogging cauldron using the wireless remote Mist Maker with LED lights!

iPhone Green Devil Case
Glows in the Dark!